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If you have had a network marketing business for a while you know just how tough it can be. Astonishingly over ninety five percent of mlm marketers don’t make any profit. This is what happened to me. My early days in the network marketing industry were spent with a health & nutrition company, I was hopeless at recruiting and made only a small profit from selling products. Many an hour I spent madly trying to show my prospects that my opportunity could make them rich, even knowing full well myself that it wasn’t working for me.

Many fall into the trap of moving around to different companies, one company doesn’t make them any money so they assume the company and products are no good. There is no doubt in my mind that the mlm model is the best around for building residual wealth but you have to stick with it and MASTER the techniques and principles that drive people to take action. You must learn the real secrets to getting people to join your downline and then motivating them to take action, otherwise you will keep banging your head against the wall regardless of which company you join.

One key point you need to consider is that you need to have products that customers will want and need. You need to ask yourself the question, if the product did not have a compensation plan attached to it would it still sell? If the products don’t stand up to this test then consider leaving your current deal and find something better. Consider how you will develop your organisation, have you got a large list of prospects? Most people starting in this industry won’t, so they very quickly run out of people to talk to and of course without a steady flow of leads your business is not going to ever be successful.
This was certainly my biggest stumbling block in my early days and for several years I tried to generate leads using the traditional methods such as door to door, leaflets, business cards, local advertising & prospecting friends. Things got really bad for me and I was ready to throw the towel in and forget my dreams, but one day I had the thought of building my business online. It seemed like a great idea because of the amount of people online that I would be able to contact about my business but like many people who turn to the internet I was still banging my head against a brick wall as I didn’t know how to market online.

I’ve spent a large amount of money on various training courses and materials to learn internet marketing and I can tell you that it DOES work, you will need to be ready to work though, the internet is not some lottery ticket or magic ticket to wealth, you will need to invest a lot of time and effort to get things moving. Don’t be fooled though into thinking that you can now hide behind a computer for the rest of your life, you will still need to get out there and do your phone calls and belly to belly interactions. However by utilising the leverage of the internet my results over the last year have been nothing short of impressive and my residual income has grown exponentially. Maybe you have been deciding of you want to use the internet to develop your network marketing business my advice would be don’t wait any longer, there is plenty of money to be made online.

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